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Amy Acker was born on 5 December 1976


Amy Acker is the rising star who portrays Winifred "Fred" Burkle on the WB network's cult hit, ANGEL. Amy Louise Acker was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Amy is the oldest of four children; one of her sisters is in college (2001) and her other sister and brother are in high school (2001). Amy's father is a lawyer in Dallas and her mother is a full time mom. Growing up Amy wanted to be a ballerina. She studied ballet, modern and jazz dancing for 13 years. But sadly after knee surgery in high school she couldn't dance anymore. So Amy started taking acting in high school during her sophomore year, and she loved it. Also in in the ninth grade, Amy began modeling. 
She started Southern Methodist University in 1996.Amy is not a Methodist, but attended SMU because they were supposed to have a really good theater department. As part of her acting course at SMU, she was trained in weapons and certified in combat.
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