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Amanda Bynes was born on 3 April 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, USA


Her success could be attributed mostly to her father, an avid comedy enthusiast who encouraged her and her progeny to perform for others. At the age of ten she got her start by performing at a Laugh Factory kids' comedy showcase and then she was discoverd by Nickelodeon talent scouts and formally brought into the film/television industry. Her film debut was in Big Fat Liar which was a runaway childrens movie bonanza. Her Charlie Chaplin style slapstick comedy brought great fun to the film and helped make it a smash hit.yed by critics, but alas, embraced by audiences.

Today she lives in Ventura County, California with her family. She drives a Honda Accord and says that she would like to study business at UCLA. But her school plans will be second to her acting career. She is one of the few actresses that gains fame for being a comedian. This is usually reserved for hard-headed male performers. She has also finally become a leading lady with 2003's release of What a Girl Wants.
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