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Faith Hill was born on 21 September 1967 in Jackson, Mississippi, USA


Audrey Faith Perry was born September 21, 1967, in Jackson, Mississippi, to parents Ted and Edna. The daughter of a factory worker and a former bank employee, Faith took her singing abilities to family reunions and gatherings, local rodeos and fairs, church, school -- virtually wherever she had an audience -- while growing up in Star, MS. 

It only took a few months in college for Faith to know that she was ready to pursue a career in country music. At the age of 19, she headed to Nashville to realize her dream.

New to Nashville, Faith's first job was at the Country Music Fan Fair, selling t-shirts. Her next job, as a secretary at Gary Morris' publishing company, would eventually lead her to stardom. Caught singing privately (while on the job) by a writer who worked there, Faith was convinced by the writer to do a demo of a song. Gary Morris himself heard Faith's rendition of the song and encouraged her to pursue a singing career. 
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