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Paul McCartney was born on 18 June 1942 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK


Paul McCartney was born June 18th, 1942, in Liverpool, England, to working-class parents Jim and Mary McCartney. Young McCartney saw tragedy at a very early age, when his mother succumbed to breast cancer. 

McCartney always excelled academically, and after his mother passed away, he asked his father to buy him a guitar. His father, who was also a musician (frontman of silent-cinema accompaniment group the Jim Mac Jazz Band), was thrilled that his son was also interested in music, and despite his meager salary, he bought his son his first guitar. 

The young guitarist was inspired by skiffle music (folk-derived music) and the King of Rock N' Roll, and reveled in playing the guitar. Soon enough, he joined the Quarry Men in 1957, which also consisted of a certain fellow songwriter and singer, founder of the group, John Lennon. 
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