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Dolly Parton was born on 19 January 1946 in Sevierville, Tennessee, USA


Dolly Rebecca Parton (born January 19, 1946) is an American country music singer, songwriter and actress.
Born in Sevierville, Tennessee, the fourth of 12 children, she started her entertainment career singing on local radio and television in eastern Tennessee. She moved to Nashville in 1964, and in 1967 was invited to join the weekly syndicated country music television program hosted by Porter Wagoner, with whom she became half of a highly successful duet team. She took to the Nashville Sound many traditional, folkloric elements from East Tennessee and popular music. Despite originally being typecast in many circles as a "Country and Western" singer, Parton later had even greater commercial success as a pop singer and actress. Her work of the late 1990s and beyond has moved towards bluegrass and more traditional folk styles.

In 1980 Parton was sitting next to actress Jane Fonda on a plane. Fonda was looking for a brassy Southern woman for a supporting role in her new film, 9 to 5. She felt Parton was perfect for the role. Parton agreed to be in the film, and went on to steal the notices and score a major hit with the title song. Parton was very selective about her future film material, but did have successes in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and in a supporting role in Steel Magnolias. Her last starring role was in 1992's Straight Talk, with James Woods.
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