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Thalia was born on 26 August 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico


Thalia was born the 26th of August 1972, in Hospital Espanol, Mexico. The youngest of five children, Adriana Thalia Sodi Miranda was a tomboy when she was younger and preferred playing sports with the boys and being outdoors. A more feminine side kicked in when she enrolled in a school to be trained in Classical Ballet. 

Her training and her eldest sister's acting career prompted Thalia to dream of seeing her name up in lights. She abandoned her dreams of becoming an Olympic Gold medalist to become a famous singer and actress.

After piano lessons at the Instituto Mexicano de Musica at age eight, Thalia joined the music group Din-Din, who had participated in artistic festivals and released four albums. In 1984, she joined the group Vaselina and later joined the popular musical act Timbiriche as one of the backup singers. She performed as a chorus girl in the musical Grease, performed by Timbiriche. As luck would have it, the lead singer of Timbiriche ended up leaving the band, leaving the lead open for Thalia to fill.
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